Blog 3

Travels | Love City Verona

  Verona is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Yes, not Paris – Verona. It’s a city in northern Italy and famous for being the setting of the most romantic love tragedy in the history Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” It’s home to a 14th-century house said to be “Juliet’s house” (Casa di…

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Blog 4

Why You Should Fly A Kite With Your Child?

Health benefits In a time where it has become easier and easier to spend more time inside than out, kite flying provides the perfect excuse to get up and get outside.  Whether going to the beach or just a local park, it is a great way to experience the outdoors. A kite immediately brings up memories of…

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Blog 5

Book Review | Green Parenting

“The No-Nonsense Guide to the Green Parenting” by Kate Blincoe  £14.99 here This book echoes so many of my feelings about modern day parenting!  Green Parenting is not about being perfect; it’s about giving it a try and feeling the benefits for your family. A humorous and light-hearted look at all things green makes the…

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Blog 6

Travels | “The Holy See” Vatican City

  One day from our three days in Rome we spent in a Vatican city.  The world’s smallest country, Vatican City occupies 0.44 sq km (about .2 square miles) and is completely encircled by the city of Rome.  This tiny city is a great tourist magnet thanks to the trove of iconic art and architecture such…

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Blog 7

No Winter lasts forever

Planting seeds with kids is really great spring activity. They are fascinated how the seeds are tucked into the soil and they take great care by watering them daily, waiting impatiently for them to grow. One day Melita came back from the nursery with a little pot of planted seeds. I thought it would be great…

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Blog 8

Blue skies

Longing for blue skies… Last week we took a book “Friends” by Eric Carle from the library. I just love the illustrations in this book! So pretty and creative! My daughter was particularly impressed by the blue skies so I offered her to paint  her own version. Kai pasiilgsti mėlyno dangaus.. Praėjusią savaitę iš bibliotelos pasiėmėm…

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