weleda baby & child review

Review | Weleda Baby & Child products

Nourishing our skin is very important during the cold season because the harsh weather means our skin is regularly exposed to changing environments. If your child has a problematic skin, like my daughter, skincare requires extra care to reduce chapping, redness, itching, and keep skin more healthy and comfortable this season. Additional moisture helps, but…

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homemade vegetable stock from scraps

How to make Vegetable Stock at home

Every time I make vegetable stock, I wonder why I ever bother buying it in the store? It’s so easy to make and tastes so much better! It has a nice light flavour and a natural sweetness. And you know what else? It is so much cheaper than from the shop because I use mainly my…

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triberg watefal schwarzwald

Travels | Black Forest “Schwarzwald” in Germany

When I said I am going to Germany for holiday many people gave me a surprised look, saying “What an unusual holiday destination!”. It might be unusual if your dream about lazy beach holiday in 5 stars all inclusive hotel, but we were looking for a different experience. We wanted adventures, we wanted to explore local culture, food and…

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eco kids alpaca silk wool

Crochet Alpaca Silk Scarf for girls

Alpaca wool is one of my favourite to work with. Mainly because it feels like a soft wool cloud! Alpakos vilnos siūli yra vieni iš mano mylimiausių natūralių, ekologiškų siūlų. Mano numylėtinė ji pagrinde dėl savo minštumo iš švelnumo, kadangi alpakos vilna lengva kaip pūkų debesėlis! Alpaca wool originates from the fleece of the alpaca with key…

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