Upcycled furniture

Upcycle | Shabby to Chic! Bedside table makeover

Here is another DIY project – minimal style upcycled bedside tables. I found them on the way home. Just look at the pictures  – no wonder someone decided to get rid of them! Daliniuosi su jumis dar vienu senų daiktų prikėlimo naujam gyvenimui projektu. Šias minimalistinio stiliaus spinteles radau pakeliui namo. Nenuostabu, kad kažkas nusprendė jomis atsikratyti, jos atrodė…

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autumn leaf crown

Autumn crown | Easy seasonal craft

Autumn officially arrived here in Bristol and it is absolutely beautiful. It’s a great time to get outside and enjoy the crisp weather. Maybe you will be inspired to make an autumn crown with your little one? This autumn leaf crown is simplicity itself.  All you need is some lovely time walking and collecting a pile of…

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Green People Volumising mascara review

Review | Green People Volumising mascara

If I would have to choose only one makeup item, no doubts that this would be a mascara! Most women probably agree that a good mascara is absolutely essential to any beauty routine. Finding a natural, toxin-free mascara isn’t a problem as there are so many eco beauties on the market, but knowing which is your perfect…

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why to go vegetarian

Why to Go Vegetarian?

Every year in Lithuania on November 1st, World Vegetarian Day kicks off a month of parties, potluck, presentations, food tasting displays…and lots of friendly discussions! For those new to vegetarianism, it serves as an enticement to give meatless fare a try (even for a day) and learn about its many benefits. I thought, today is…

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neuschwanstein castle

Travels | Neuschwanstein Castle

I always repeat “Invest in experiences rather than things”! There is no such item that would enrich me so much as traveling. I already told you about my holiday in Germany exploring the Black Forest. Today I want to share with you post about one of the most spectacular castles I ever saw – Neuschwanstein Castle in…

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