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Welcome to La Pepa Blog, which is all about Modern Family learning to embrace an Earth-Friendly lifestyle and finding ways of reducing ecological footprint without compromising on style and beauty.

I always loved style and beauty but becoming a mother has re-framed my perception about all these things. I embraced the philosophy to be rather than to have and now choose quality over quantity. Increased awareness of being environmentally friendly also triggered a movement away from synthetic and mass-produced products to those made from safe and sustainable natural substances. I believe there is no beauty if the meaning to achieve it is ugly.

 I believe green living doesn’t have to be a radically different way of life. It doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, green living doesn’t even have to seem green. Earth-friendly life doesn’t mean living in the woods – it still can be modern, comfortable and beautiful. It is all about refusing to take just for the sake of taking and choosing to think about our nature while still living a modern life.

I started La Pepa Blog to inspire others to do what they can to live a healthier, earth-friendly family life. It has been a very freeing and clarity-finding experience and I want you to feel it too!

Why La Pepa Boutique?

Together with my daughter the La Pepa Boutique was born and it this is where my new life journey started.

Eco-lifestyle has a way of changing people, making them question and examine their lives and beliefs and focus on what truly matters.

And that’s certainly what it did for my family. We are not perfect, we do not judge, we are still learning and we invite you to join our Modern Eco journey.

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Lithuanian magazine “Top Moterys” | 2017 October issue