2019 Challenge | Organised and Clutter-Free Kitchen

2019 Challenge | Organised and Clutter-Free Kitchen

2019 Challenge | Organised and Clutter-Free Kitchen

This post is a part of Simplify and Green Up Your Life Challenge.

A clean, clutter-free and Zero Waste kitchen is truly a dream. However, the reality is quite different – messy surfaces with different appliances, jam-packed cupboards (with plenty of food to feed an army),  we often forget what we have, products go out of date and the waste (food and plastic) really piles up! But it doesn’t have to be this way! Getting your kitchen in order and making it eco-friendlier is simply a matter of some planning, being practical and understanding, what works for you. But before we start reorganising our kitchens, let’s get some inspiration!

Švari, tvarkinga ir Zero Waste virtuvė yra dažnos šeimininkės svajonė. Tačiau realybė kitokia – apkrauti stalviršiai, spintelės prigrūstos maisto atsargų (kurių turbūt pakaktų pamaitinti visą armiją), dažnai pamirštame ką turime, produktai pagenda, o į šiukšlinę nuolat skrieja įvairios atliekos, tiek maisto, tiek plastiko. Tačiau galime tai pakeisti! Įvesti tvarką virtuvėje nėra taip sunku, tam tereikia šiek tiek planavimo, praktiškumo ir suprasti, kokia sistema veikia jums. Bet prieš pradedant pertvarkyti savo virtuves – pasisemkime šiek tiek įkvėpimo, kad tvarką įvesti būtų lengviau!

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If you have seen Lauren’s @our_self_build_ni pictures on Instagram, you know she absolutely loves an organised kitchen! Just look at this pantry:

Jeigu matėte Lauren @our_self_build_ni nuotraukas Instagram’e, jau žinote, kad ji dievina tvarkingą virtuvę! Tik pažiūrėkite į jos sandėliuko lentynas:

Here are some thoughts, Lauren is sharing with La Pepa Blog readers:

“In my opinion, tidy home is a tidy mind and having an organised kitchen saves me not only time but also money as I know exactly what I have and only buy what I need. Whether you are lucky to have a larder like me or only have the cupboards in the kitchen, there are lots of easy ways to organise your kitchen effectively! 

Labelled storage boxes are a great way of grouping together similar items and as they are easy to lift out of the cupboard, they also stop food getting ‘lost’ at the back of the cupboard and going out of date or being forgotten about. 

Decanting using glass jars is a great way of being able to see exactly how much of something you have and being able to quickly see what is running low before doing the food shop. It also ensures the food items are well sealed to keep them as fresh as possible once they have been opened. 

Deciding where to store things in your home is also very important to make your kitchen flow as easily as possible, for example keeping your mugs in a cupboard close to the kettle for ease of use, or keeping your everyday tableware located close to the dishwasher/sink for easy loading and unloading. 

If you are renovating or getting a new kitchen we would always recommend more drawers as opposed to cupboards. Deep drawers are so much better for storing your plates and bowls than lower cupboards as you don’t have to bend as much to reach into the back of a cupboard. If you are building a new home and have space/budget to include a larder then we would definitely recommend including one as we would not be without ours!”

Lauren dalinasi savo mintimis apie tvarką namuose ir virtuvėje su La Pepa Blog skaitytojais:

“Mano nuomone, tvarka namuose reiškia ir tvarką mintyse, o tvarkinga virtuvė sutaupo ne tik laiko, bet ir pinigų, nes aš visada žinau kiek ir ko turiu ir perku tik tai, ko reikia. Nesvarbu, ar jūs, kaip ir aš, turite sandėliuką, ar tik spinteles virtuvėje, yar daugybė būdų, kaip lengvai ir efektyviai virtuvėje įvesti tvarką!

Etiketėmis paženklintos dėžutės/indeliai yra puikus būdas sugrupuoti panašius produktus, juos lengva išimti iš spintelės, produktai nepasimeta jos gale, kur tūnodami būna pamiršti ir išeina iš galiojimo.

Stikliniai indai patogūs tuo, jog lengva stebėti produkto kiekį ir papildymą nusipirkti tik jiems einant į pabaigą. Taip pat, jie yra sandarūs, todėl produktai stikliniuose induose išlieka švieži ilgiau.

Siekiant patogumo virtuvėje, labai svarbu, kur nuspręsite laikyti įvairius daiktus. Pavyzdžiui, puodelius laikyti prie kavos aparato ar virdulio, indus šalia indaplovės, kad būtų patogu sukrauti ir iškrauti indus.

Jeigu renovuojate ar įsirenginėjate virtuvę, rekomenduočiau kuo daugiau stalčių vietoje spintelių. Giliuose stalčiuose daug patogiau laikyti lėkštes, kadangi ištraukus stalčių viską daug lengviau pasiekti, nei bandant surasti spintelės gale. O jeigu statote namą ir turite pakankamą biudžetą, tikrai rekomenduoju sandėliuką! Savo namų neįsivaizduoju be jo.”

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Absolutely loving the new additions to the kitchen, our 'Bruno' barstools from the amazing @by_crea 😍 Totally handmade in Sweden, even the fabric is sourced there and there are so many options for choosing your own frame, fabric and arm rest colour ❤️ They also post all over the world so getting these delivered to NI was no problem 🌍🙌 Our original barstools were never used, as altho they looked nice, they just weren't comfy to sit on 🤷‍♀️ These are so comfortable I don't think we have used the kitchen table since they arrived! I am in love with Scandinavian design as you can tell from my page, so it is really lovely to have something totally handmade there in my home ❤️🌍 #gifted #bycrea #barstools #scandiliving #scandinaviandesign

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More Inspiration

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My open pantry reveal is here!!!! OMG. Guys….I can’t take how amazing this turned out! Thanks to @silicatestudio.shelfology I was able to make this dream vision come true!! I have been dreaming of this open pantry for sometime now and knowing I wanted it to be clean look- I chose white shelves. @silicatestudio.shelfology partnered with me to custom make these gorgeous white shelves. They came out perfect!! I wanted white so that they would disappear with the wall and not add any unnecessary visual weight to the space. I am keeping things simple- using only black and white tones. The contrast of the two is spectacular and keeps in line with my clean look. Having the shelves here also unifies this space with the kitchen- which I love. On the shelves, we have extra dinnerware, serving dishes, all of my baking flours/sugars and snacks for the kids on the bottom shelves. In the baskets below, I have snack bags for the kids lunches and small bowls for them to grab when they get a snack. I tossed in some beautiful art- art personalizes the space and makes it warm and interesting. I have aimed to make this a beautiful yet totally functional space and I’ve done it!! I couldn’t be happier!! Happy Friday! . . . . . #apartmenttherapy #inmydomaine #theeverygirlathome #showemyourstyled #beckiowensfeature #sodomino #nordikspace #homeenvy #smmakelifebeautiful #simplystyleyourspace #abmathome #kinfolkliving #ambularinteriorsaintgotnothingonme #bhghome

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SWIPE ➡️ for a few before pics!!! You know when something starts to bother you and then you keep on letting it go…like for years??? Until one day you go to get a can of tomatoes and you find yourself with handfuls of blue flowered wallpaper from the 80’s 😳😂 This was one of those spur of the moment type projects and can I just tell you, it makes the biggest difference in our kitchen! . . I’m glad we went with chicken wire too- we spray painted it a bronze color and just stapled it in 🙌 Then the glass jars and wooden crates are from homegoods- and the cute knobs are from hobby lobby! . Any of you thinking about tackling your pantry anytime soon?? I say, go for it!!!! . . #pantry #closetpantry #pantryorganization #farmhousepantry #openshelving #openshelves #kitchenpantry #kitchenshelves #kitchenopenshelves #farmhousekitchen #chickenwire #organization #kitchencloset #kitchencabinet #homegoods #hobbylobby #fixerupper #countrylivingmag #countryliving . Posting for #sweetsaturdaysimplicity @ribbonsandrouters @accidentalfarmhouse @thelittlewhitecabin @winsomewalls @theduttoncottage @southernmarketdesigns @braveseasondesign #homefabulous @holysassypants @theeverevolvinghouse

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PROGRESS PIC ⚠️ Does anyone else have to style certain areas to know how to proceed with it? I know I do! I need to pick a stain color for the open shelves off our kitchen – so I threw some stuff on them to get the creative juices flowing. I concluded the stain color needs to be lighter than the kitchen cabinets and floor, I need a big distressed sign to go above the top row, and I need a shit ton more of those glass canisters, but wayyyy bigger ones. 😂😂 I cant wait to see the final look of this space! Stay tuned! • • • #thesageprojectblog #openshelving #openshelves #kitchenupdate #breakfastnook #modernfarmhouse #subwaytile #wallpaper #instadecorating #bohofarmhouse #raedunn #cakestand #milkglass #mosserglass #homedecorinspo #whitefarmhousedecor #magnoliatable #homeupdates #antiquefinds #americanfarmhousestyle #onetofollow #simplefarmhousetouches #decordailydose #vintageinspired #ohiofarmhouse

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After watching all these beautiful pictures please remember that organisation isn’t about perfection – it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time, money, planet resources and improving overall quality in life!

Palepinus akis šių gražių virtuvių vaizdais, svarbu prisiminti, jog tvarka virtuvėje, tai ne perfekcionizmas – tai siekis sumažinti stresą, netvarką, sutaupyti laiko, pinigų, planetos resursų ir pagerinti gyvenimo kokybę!

organised kitchen

What’s Next?

Next week I will be sharing some practical tips on how to embrace Zero Waste ideas and reduce food waste, keep food fresh for longer, how to organise etc – straight from my kitchen. Meanwhile, start decluttering and cleaning your kitchen – drawer by drawer, cupboard by cupboard. Take everything out, check dates and rethink – do you really need all this? Are there any duplicates? Anything you haven’t used? Next week will will do more organizational stuff, so good luck in decluttering this week!

Kitą savaitę dalinsiuosi praktiškais patarimais, kaip pritaikyti Zero Waste idėjas, sumažinti maisto atliekų kiekį, ilgiau išlaikyti šviežą mastą, kaip susitvarkyti ir t.t. – tiesiai iš savo virtuvės. O tuo tarpu, pradėkite tvarkytis – stalčių po stalčiaus, spintelę po spintelės. Viską išimkite, patikrinkite datas ir kritiškai įvertinkite – ar tikrai jums visko reikia? Ar yra daiktų, atliekančių tą pačią funkciją? Kas nors ko seniai nenaudojate? Kitą savaitę pereisime prie daugiau organizacinių klausimų. Sėkmės tvarkantis!

Disclaimer. Please note, I have not been paid for this post. As always, I have shared my honest opinion.

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